Screw people who think your mirror job is too expensive!! Your work is the best I've seen. You are the only one I would trust with mirror work on any of my guitars. Keep up the good Made In USA work my friend.


You are the King man, that was the best job I have ever seen. I cant wait for you to do both of mine. You dont get paid enough man.


Received the scratch plate in the mail today. I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you. The quality and craftsmanship of products purchased from you are excellent.


Jeff I got the guitar and its fantastic! I'm getting a mount to hang it on the wall for all to see. Thank you so much for the beautiful work and I will happily be a reference for you if ever need be.


Jeff I just wanted to tell you that I recieved the guitar yesterday, and it is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thank you for the magnificent job!!! The work done on it was absolutely amazing. I was speechless. Thanks again for doing this for me, and again you exceed my expectations.

Take Care, Bill

Got the package today. All I can say is thank you so very much for your kindness. In a day and age where greed rules you could have easily turned me away initially preferring to focus on the big spenders. Instead you have provided me with parts time again and I am indebted to you.


Thank you Jeff. I got my PS500 and it is a gorgeous piece of true artwork. She even sounds better!

May you have a million years good luck!! Mike

I was blown away when I saw the guitar today! The pictures on your site cant compare to seeing it in person. Thank you so much for the unbelievable job you did!


Jeff, I am speechless. This neck is perfect, perfect, perfect.

Your work is the best! Thank you, Bill

Hands of God I tell you...hands of God!

Bob Snippen

Jeff, Those mirrored guitar parts arrived today Mate, you are a legend. Thank you so much, again.They look awesome!


Just a note to say I STILL LOVE IT!!! I just bought a Les Paul Custom Black Beauty and it does not get the looks or compliments that my Iceman does. Keep up the SUPERB work.

Thanks Again, Doug :-}


Jeff, got the Explorer...AWESOME! Dude thank you soooo much...great job. I always wanted this effect GREAT work. I am impressed. I showed it to several of my colleagues and they are all drooling. I have seen the Washburn PS Black Diamond (from factory) up close, actually played it, and the mirror job is not up to the quality of yours. Great great great great job!!!!


My PS10-2 arrived safely this morning in the UK and as you said in your note - it is perfect! It has far exceeded my wildest expectations and I can't thank you enough for your efforts. It will be the permanent centre piece of my Kiss collection and I will recommend your work whenever I can. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope we will again one day. Regards from England and thanks again,


Jeff...you out did yourself on my Kelly...f'ing beauty!!! This is amazing you know I was soooo impressed with my Explorer...this one is the same if not better...UNBELIEVABLE...you are da man. Use my name as a reference I be only too happy to tell them the TRUTH, your work is AMAZING!!! Jeff as always a true pleasure making my dreams come true...yeah its a little corny but this Kelly ROCKS!!!