Service price guide

Pickguards         Glass mirror inlay         Fingerboard inlay         Fingerboard Scalloping        Archtop jazz necks


SETUP includes truss rod adjustment, action, intonation (strings not included)

            Electric with tune-o-matic bridge $75

            Electric with Strat type tremolo $85

            Electric with locking Floyd type tremolo $100


PICKUPS (parts not included) Installation of replacement pickup

            Active (EMG, etc)$75

            One pickup $55

            Two pickups $85

            Three pickups $100

            Tele bridge pickup $65


TUNERS (parts not included)

            Replace $25

            Redrill  (Sprezel, etc.) $55


NUT hand shaped, fit, material included

            Bone $90

            Bone/brass (vintage Ibanez PS10 style) $125

            Fossilized ivory $105



File fret ends $50

Dress existing frets (leveling, crown, polish)$150

Polish $65

Refret  (fingerboard repairs not included)

Neck with binding $440

            Neck w/o binding $380

Replace single fret first fret $35

            Neck with binding each additional fret $30

            Neck w/o binding each additional fret $25