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Guitar manufacturing varies from year to year.

If you have any doubt the new part will fit, I suggest sending your original part in and I will match the holes up for you. Your original part will be returned with your new one.

Each part is made of 1/8" acrylic mirror, polished beveled edges and is supplied with stainless steel mounting screws.  Click on picture for description and price.

My focus is shifting to pickguards that were used on Paul Stanley model guitars.


Order 1 item or order 100 items, the shipping is the same.  $9.95 within the USA or $16.95 International.


     PS10                 PS10-2 variant            PS10-LTD                 PS10-CL                         PS120


IC300                 IC350                      IC400                      ICB300                   IC500


          PS10-LTD                        PS10                   PS10 tail                      PS10-2                  IC50                 


            Iceman 82mm                        IC400                  IC520                      Iceman 92mm                          


2663/IC210                      IC cover set                      IC400                    PS120 cover set                           IC100     


     PS500                   PS2000 circa 1998             Sovereign                  PS1800              PS2000 circa 2010


     PS500                    PS500 Engraved              PS500 Star Tail               Apoc Pro              PS1800 Engraved


  UIC10                       PS400                        PS600                        PS800                        UICT10    


     PS7200                   PS8500BSG1                 PS9000                     PS9200