History of KAMN Guitars

I have always had a love for the guitar from a very early age.

In 1984 KAMN Guitars had it's inception. Since that time I've been doing custom guitar construction, modifications and repair in my local area and for customers around the world.

Keeping true to the term "Handcrafted" is no easy chore.  So many companies claiming "Handcrafted" work are actually farming out vital parts of production to CNC equipment to up their production, leaving the finish sanding for the "Handcrafted" portion of the product.  I guess this makes good business sense but is it truly "Handcrafted"?    At KAMN Guitars each item, whether it's a pickguard, fingerboard inlay, neck or guitar is handmade for the customer that ordered it. This way a personal connection happens between crafter and customer which, in my opinion, is as important as the sale of the product.

Inspired by Paul Stanley, I specialize in shattered glass mirror "Cutting Edge" guitar face inlay. Go to the "Cutting Edge" gallery for pictures of my fine work.