"Cutting Edge" Galleries

This is the Real Deal!  I use Real Glass Mirror!



Thank you all for allowing me to become in your own words "The man" in the mirror field. So far all the mirror I've cut and broke would add up to approximately 132,013 years of bad luck and counting, if you believe in such things.

I will NEVER use acrylic mirror for body inlay so don't ask.  It will get scuffed and scratched up and end up being a waste of your money. This is a permanent inlay treatment that I can perform on virtually any solid body electric guitar with or with out binding, bolt-on or set neck, flat or tapered top body. I route the face of your guitar down to accommodate the mirror and adhesive and leave the binding on as a protective shield for your safety. I strive to custom cut each guitar out of one piece of GLASS mirror so the pieces go back together like a puzzle with tight joints inlaid into your guitar. After the GLASS mirror has been glued in place I go over the surface seeking out any stray sharp tips and grind them smooth. The end result is uneven to the touch but brilliant under bright lights or outdoors in the sun.

Since this was inspired by Paul Stanley I duplicate any PS model guitars in his fashion break for break. I've done many different body styles and do offer custom designs.

Being based in Oregon USA I am honored to have had "Cutting Edge" customers as far away as Australia, Europe and Japan.  I've also worked with bands like Seven Witches, Murderdolls and Static-X.

I offer the best price around for this type of work. Prices do vary based on body style and difficulty of work performed so please E-mail for a price based on the model of guitar you own.  Custom designs like the SpiderWeb are per quote. Everyone deserves a fair price and to be treated with respect. Read the testimonials and see for yourself.

Here is a list of guitars I have performed this treatment on that can be seen in the above galleries.

BC Rich ~ Mockingbird, Warlock, Widow

Dean ~ ML, TCV

ESP ~ Alexi

Gibson ~ Explorer, Les Paul

Ibanez ~ DT200, STM2, ICX120, IC300, IC350, ICB300, IC400, IC500, ICB500, PS10, PS10-2, PS10LTD, PS10CL, PS120

Jackson ~ Kelley, King V, Rhoads V, V

Minarik ~ Inferno, Diablo, Goddess

Silvertone ~ Apocalypse

Washburn ~ PS500, PS600, PS1800 (re-mirror), PS2000, Dime

I test each "Cutting Edge" inlay treatment for safety before it is shipped back to it's owner.



Frequent asked questions

Q:  How should I care for and clean my glass mirror guitar?

A:  Avoid using glass cleaners with ammonia in them.  Ammonia will erode the silvering of the mirror.  Wiping down the guitar with a dry soft cotton cloth is the best way to clean off smudges.  If a glass cleaner is needed, spray the cleaner onto the cloth then wipe the guitar.  Spraying the cleaner onto the mirror will cause the cleaner to wick down the joints of the mirror pieces and cause possible damage to the silvering of the mirror.  Sweat (salt) will have the same effect.

Q: What happens if a piece falls off of the guitar?

A: I have done extreme testing with industrial solvents, heat strip guns, hammers, chisels and the list goes on. Once the adhesive I use cures 100%, a piece of glass is not going to "just fall off". I have smacked the glass mirror and splintered it into countless pieces; the piece was broken but it stayed on the guitar.

Q: Will this treatment decrease the value of my guitar?

A: Keep in mind this is a permanent procedure. Once the router hits the wood there's no turning back. Choose a guitar you feel comfortable customizing. This treatment makes any guitar look killer!

Q: How much weight does the glass add to the guitar?

A: On average the "Cutting Edge" inlay treatment adds about 1 lb 10 oz to what the guitar weighs before the treatment. Which in some cases really helps balance out the guitar while using a guitar strap.