"Kamn Mirrorball" $12,500.00

Limited to a production number of 10 on a special order basis

I have been pristinely mirroring Paul Stanley guitars for 2 decades now and figured if anyone was going to create a relic version of this guitar paying homage to Paul Stanley at this level it was going to have to be me.

If any guitar truly represents Rock and Roll, it is this one.  An ultimate piece of iconic art!

Understand that everything done here is as close as humanly possible with what is available today.   Paul wanted his signature model influenced by the Gibson Les Paul so I took liberty to right a couple wrongs along the way.   It would have had an oiled, not a polished rosewood fingerboard.   Real MOP, not synthetic fingerboard inlays.   Real Abalone, not synthetic binding.   Subtle changes that I felt were worth addressing yet nothing that would make or break the instrument.   Basically, I took the factory production factor out of it.

This guitar is completely handcrafted.   All of the woods used are hand selected original species and thicknesses.   The Abalone blocks in the fingerboard are meticulously selected to match color and grain patterns of Paul's guitar.   Correct size serial number stamps were tracked down and used to put Paul's number on the back of the headstock.   I have even re-created and staged the original photos when Hasselberger mirrored Paul's, that is what you see peppered through out this article.

Then came the tough part for me, duplicate something that is not perfect.  I had to dumb down my mirror work a lot.

Weighing in at 9 pounds 15.2 ounces

I present to you

"The Mirrorball"

Paul Stanley perfoming with the Kamn Mirrorball proto-type in Toronto 2013